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With summer kickin' in Klondike is wiping the winter dreck off his guitars and gearing up for some serious rehearsing. 

New songs in the pipe...can't wait!

We'll keep you posted about upcoming gigs in Europe. Of course, keep your ears to the ground re The Screaming Tribesmen at Azkena and in France!

It's Christmas Time Again!

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Hey folks!

It's been a mighty busy year and it looks like 2012 will be more rockin' than ever! 

Here's wishin' you lots of love and laughter over the silly season! Stay well. Rock hard!

Here are a few links to enjoy over your eggnog!

It's Christmas Time Again. A long lost artifact.  http://youtu.be/icAjZa8T8lc

A rarity from THAT band.  http://youtu.be/T1mwU5bCZ7w

This years Top 10 at the I94 Bar.  http://i94bar.com/wordpress/2011/12/11/chris-klondike-masuak-2/




Klondike back home for Tribesmen, Hitmen & North 40 shows

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Chris will be back in Australia to play a reunion show with the four-piece "Bones and Flowers" era Screaming Tribesmen. The band received an offer to play the inaugural Gathering Festival in Brisbane on September 17. If you want to be there, don't hesitate to book tickets as the special gig will sell out. Information and tickets here.

It wouldn't be a return to Australia without saddling up with the Hitmen. Two shows have been announced at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown, Sydney, on September 30 and October 1. Stay tuned for more details.

In other sadder news, Klondike's North 40 co-producer, sound magician and good friend Greg Clarke has passed away, aged 50. Greg was integral to the first KN40 album "The Straight Path" and the forthcoming release "Workhorse".  His passing after struggling with heart trouble came days after he had completed a final mix of the album. "Workhorse" will reflect his commitment and generous spirit. Stay tuned.

Chris Klondike Masuak European dates with The Outside

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As promised here are the European dates. Chris Klondike Masuak will appear as guest guitarist with French band The Outside for two weeks of French and Spanish shows. Keep an eye on the website for updates and changes. (UPDATED ON JANUARY 17.)



Ven.11/02 : St MAUDEZ "Pub La Zic"Sam.12/02 : RENNES "Mondo Bizarro"

Dim.13/02 : FOUGERES "The Saloon"

Lun.14/02 : itw Canal B, Rennes "Interview Radio"

Mar.15/02 : MORLAIX "Ty Rhum"

Mer.16/02 : BREST "Black Label Cafe"

Jeu.17/02 : Paris "La Miroterie"

Ven.18/02 : MONTPELLIER "Le Mojomatic"

Sam.19/02 : BAYONNE "LeEmbuscade"

Dim.20/02 : PAU (tbc)


Mar.22/02 : BURGOS "Estudio 27"

Mer.23/02 : OVIEDO

Jeu.24/02 : MADRID "Wulitzer Ballroom"

Vend 25/02, E-Orihuela (Alicante) "La Gramola"

Sam.26/02 : VALENCIA "Garage 17"

Last Aussie show for Klondike

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This is it folks. The Swansong. Klondike is off to live in Spain at the end of the month and the offer to play once more at the Sando was too good to knock back.

There's a fair chance you'll hear the odd Screaming Tribesmen song with Mick Medew flying down from Brisbane to make his Sydney solo debut.

What's more, it's free! It doesn't get much better than that.

Happy New Year!

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Wishing ya'll a prosperous and way fun 2011! Keep your eyes peeled for European tours with The Outside and Simon Chainsaw! Soon!!!